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The Robert Black Memorial Helipad onine store

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The Robert Black Memorial Helipad Gift Collection

Campbeltown is the largest town on the Kintyre Peninsula of Argyll with Campbeltown Hospital serving a population of around 7000 people.

In any medical emergency where patient transport to one of the larger hospitals in Glasgow is required, helicopters have been forced to land in a muddy field or, in more adverse weather, at Machrihanish Airport, 5 miles and 10 minutes away.


Stuart McLellan contacted the HELP Appeal to see about funding a purpose built helipad, HELP Appeal agreed to fully fund the helipad costs of £270,000. During the planning stage of this helipad sadly one of the local paramedics in Campbeltown Robert Black sadly passed away in May 2020 with COVID 19. 

Robert was a very popular figure in the Campbeltown area. He was a talented musician, an amateur actor and a loyal friend to all who knew him and had wanted to get a purpose built helipad in Campbeltown for years and unfortunately hasn’t been able to see it come to fruition therefore the Helipad has been named in Robert’s memory. 

Construction of The Robert Black Memorial Helipad was complete on the 31st of March 2021 with the first helicopter touched down on the Helipad for the first time on the 1st of April 2021.


South Kintyre Development Trust are looking for support for a suitable memorial and the cost of ongoing maintenance and management of the Helipad and also 

agreed to lease the land, take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance.

Any additional money raised through merchandise sales or donations will be used to support other good causes locally which Robert would have supported. Robert's family will be involved in every decision about distributing excess funds. If you don’t wish to purchase merchandise you can easily donate via the Just Giving Link below:


Some useful information about the project:

The Helipad has been built with:

  • 336 Tonnes of Concrete

  • 230 Tonnes of Tarmac

  • 1,500 Tonne of Crushed Rock  

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